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Stage B is ideally suited for small to medium-sized productions. You will find this studio perfect for host wraps, product shots, talking heads, corporate training videos and films.

Just like stage A, thick insulated walls and roof make for a quiet shoot. The floor has been laser leveled for smooth pedestal and dolly moves. Lighting grid is set at 22’ to give plenty of flexibility for set and lighting styles.

This versatile studio with attached digital and audio control booth is also connected to our satellite transmission control room, should there be a need to transmit or receive live.

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Stage B
Stage B

Control Room B

Lighting System & Power

Lighting & Grip
Equipment List

Green Rm, Makeup
& Production Offices

Dimensions: 45’ x 60’ (2,700 sq. ft.) 22’ Grid (4’ x 4’)
   -download pdf Stage B diagram: Stage B.pdf
Air Conditioning: 80 Tons
Cyc Curtains: 360 wrap around TV Gray & Black, Digital Green
Lighting Dimmer System: Horizon
Lighting: Mole-Richardson
Grip: American/ Mole-Richardson

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