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Control Room A has everything you need for a high-definition production. When you first walk into the control room you will notice its ample size, which can easily accommodate a large production staff.

Work areas have integrated RTS stations for communication among staff and studio. One of the unique features of Control Room A is the moveable monitor wall. It can move closer or further away from the control console to accommodate the director and technical director’s preference.

The Sony MFS2000 Digital Switcher comes with frame memory, multiple HD formats, and 2 channel DME; giving your production the cutting edge look. Our attached Audio Control Booth with 40 channel Allen & Heath mixer provides a direct sightline for the TD and director, making any necessary visual cues to the booth easy.

Also, attached to the control room is our Call Screener Room - adding production value and convenience for live call-in programs.

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Control Room A
Control Room A
Sony Swithcer
Sony MFS2000 Switcher

Chyron MicroX HD/SD

Audio Control Booth
Audio Control Booth
40 Channel Allen & Heath Mixer
Allen & Heath Mixer


  • Large Control Room
  • Audio Control Booth
  • Call Screener Room
  • Moveable Monitor Wall
  • Sony MFS2000 Digital Switcher
  • 8 Camera Input Capabilities
  • Access to HDCAM, DVCPRO-HD-100 VTR’s, and XDCAM VDR
  • Chyron MicroX HD/SD Character Generator
  • QTV Prompter
  • Adam RTS Matrix System
  • Telephone Interface to RTS Intercom
  • 40 Channel Allen & Heath ML 4000 Mixer
  • Waves MAxxBCL processor
  • DBX 1231 Graphic Equalizer
  • DBX 1046 Quad Compressor/Limiter
  • DBX 1066 Compressor Limiter/Gate
  • Tascam MD-301 MKII Mini Disk Recorder
  • Gentner DH22

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